Illegal Liquor Transport in AP..!?

 In the districts of andhra pradesh bordering telangana, bottles of 'Old Admiral' liquor are seen everywhere during the recent elections. It is reported that telangana liquor has been moved to the bordering Godavari districts, Krishna, and rayalaseema districts. Reliable sources reveal that liquor has crossed the borders with the cooperation of the police of both states. As the lok sabha elections were held in telangana, the respective parties did not carry liquor to the voters except for the activists and leaders. In andhra pradesh, with the elections to the Legislative assembly and lok sabha seats, alcohol was rampant. It is known that this liquor crossed the checkposts with the help of some elders of the telangana government. It is reported that the nri of ap has acquired liquor shops in telangana as part of a pre-emptive scheme in the wake of elections in Andhra. It is known that mainly some NRIs played a vital role in this. As soon as the campaigning for assembly and lok sabha elections in andhra pradesh was over, it was reported that liquor was moved with the help of government officials in Telangana. It is noteworthy that telangana liquor ranks second in cases of illegal liquor seized at checkposts during elections in AP.

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