The Khairtabad Regional Transport office (RTO) in the city launched an online auction in which a beautiful automobile registration number plate was sold for Rs. 25.5 lakh. The license plate "TG 09 9999" was acquired for Rs 25,50,002 by a business called sony Transport Solutions, and it would be put on the company's toyota Land Cruiser, according to authorities.

They further stated that the transport department generated a total sum of Rs 43,70,284 in a single day by auctioning a fresh series of numbers.
As the city's sale of elegant TG number plates began in March, the RTA collected Rs 30 lakh in revenue.
The telangana administration recently decided to alter the state abbreviation from 'TS' to 'TG'. Following this decision, many people have wondered if Telangana's old car number plates should be updated. car owners who seek registration of a new car will obtain a TG number plate; however, vehicles that are already registered do not need to be replaced.

The first TG number plate, TG 09 0001, was purchased at auction for a stunning Rs 9.61 lakh. he number plate "TG 09 9999" was purchased at a whopping price of Rs 25,50,002 by a firm named sony Transport Solutions.

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