Dil Raju is now the President of the telugu Film Chamber of Commerce (TFCC). His term is coming to an end, and there have been indications that he is interested in serving another term, but the by-laws complicate matters. However, it has been announced that dil raju will step down, and the incoming President will most likely take office in July.

According to the rotation policy, the next President will come from the Distribution Sector. However, sources claim that there is an Andhra-Telangana problem to resolve. Suniel Narang, who plays an important role in the telangana Chamber, supports abhishek Nama as the next President. However, the Andhra Group in the Chamber believes the President should be from ap this time.

The previous presidents, Narayan Das Narang and dil Raju, were from Telangana. So they argue that this time, the opportunity should be offered to someone from Andhra. bharath Bhushan, a senior distributor from Uttarandhra, is in the contest from the ap side. For those who do not know bharath Bhushan, he is believed to be close to ntr and has released several of his films in the vizag area. We shall have to wait and see who of these two will be the future President!

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