Telangana will commemorate its tenth anniversary on june 2, 2024, with extensive celebrations. chief minister Revanth reddy has commissioned MM keeravani, a well-known composer, to write an anthem called "Jaya Jaya He Telangana" for the event. However, this decision has stirred debate, with some individuals feeling deeply disturbed about it. BRS leader Dr. RS praveen emphasises that the song "Jaya Jaya He Telangana" is not Naatu Naatu.
He emphasises the distinction between tollywood and the telangana cause, asking why Andhra's MM keeravani was picked to write Telangana's anthem. He asked the chief minister to respect telangana sensitivities and nurture indigenous talent. Dr. praveen advised the audience to choose whether to sing the telangana song created by an Andhra artist or the original on june 2.
The telangana Cine Musicians Association has also expressed concerns to cm Revanth reddy, requesting him to rethink the idea to have a non-local composer create the state anthem. They say that incorporating out-of-state artists goes against the spirit of Telangana's movement and push for local talent to be prioritised.

Previously, the cm commissioned MM keeravani to compose the song for "Jaya Jaya He telangana," with lyrics written by telangana poet Andesri. The new version of the song, which will be released on june 2, is a contemporary adaptation of the original that captures the essence of Telangana's vibrant culture.


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