436 km of State highways need to be repaired, according to reports from the State administration. Officials from Roads and Buildings are figuring out how to finish the tender procedure so that the repairs may begin. Officials stated that although road repairs are often completed before the start of the monsoon, the State administration was unable to conclude tenders for the repairs since the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) was in effect because of the lok sabha elections.

The central government gave the State Rs. 850 crore under the Central Road Infrastructure Fund (CRIF) in the most recent fiscal year. Even though money from the Centre was received, there was no chance to complete the job because of the State's assembly elections last year. Following the assembly elections, the lok sabha election procedure was initiated; however, the Model Code of Conduct prevented the authorities from concluding the tender process.

Following the conclusion of the lok sabha elections, the State's road repairs will now be addressed by the plans that the authorities have developed. According to sources, the administration intended to conclude the bidding procedure by the end of this current month. According to the officials, the completed tenders from previous bidders should be ready for use in the first week of July.
According to reports, minister of Roads and Buildings Komatireddy venkat Reddy has instructed the officials to finish the tendering process as soon as possible. According to reports, he gave the officials the order to prioritize maintaining and repairing State highways. According to the sources, the administration has chosen to use the CRIF monies to fix roads throughout all of the State's districts.

Meanwhile, a number of the State's roadways have uneven areas and potholes due to a lack of routine repair and upkeep. Travelling over such roads around the State is a terrifying experience for commuters. The commuters were having problems even with a little rain. Many miles of roads are anticipated to be destroyed by severe rain and flooding during the monsoon season, as the State is predicted to receive above-average rainfall.

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