Payyavula Keshav's journey to become a minister took thirty years. 1994 saw payyavula keshav enter politics at the request of tdp founder NTR. He defeated Y. Shivarami Reddy, an independent, in that election. But in the 1999 elections, he was defeated. He was elected again in 2004 and 2009. In the 2014 elections, payyavula was defeated following the state's division. After that, he won elections in 2019 and 2024. After winning five consecutive mla elections, payyavula took the oath of office as a minister in Chandrababu's coalition administration. payyavula only lost twice in the seven general elections held between 1994 and 2024.

Payyavula initially ran for and was elected as an mla in the 1994 election, representing the uravakonda seat in the Anantapur district of unified Andhra Pradesh. In that election, the tdp emerged victorious. After then, the tdp came to power even though payyavula lost the 1999 election. Both the 2004 and 2009 elections were won by payyavula keshav, but the tdp was relegated to the opposition role when congress took control. In 2014, payyavula lost even though the tdp took control. 2019 saw Keshav triumph when the YSRCP took office. With the coalition coming to power when payyavula keshav won the most recent election, the feeling that had lasted up to that point was broken.

The uravakonda seat was granted the position of minister after 39 years. In 1985, Gurram Narayanappa, the victor from this constituency, was appointed as a minister. Nobody else had the good fortune to be appointed to the position after that. Senior tdp leader payyavula keshav was appointed to the cabinet after all these years. In 1994, Keshav won his first election as an mla and went on to win four more occasions. He ran for office seven times in a row from the uravakonda constituency. Despite the TDP's ascent to power in 2014, Keshav lost. He received the title of MLC but was not appointed minister. This time, Keshav was appointed minister, honouring the desires of the constituency's residents.

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