A retired government educator gave a one lakh donation to the institution where he spent many years teaching. In honour of his recently departed wife, he gave the sum needed for the school's growth. This event happened on wednesday at Odela Mandal's Madaka Primary School. Madaka native Sri Bhashyam Raghavulu spent a considerable amount of time working at the Madaka Primary school before retiring.

He has made the decision to give the school Rs 1 lakh in memory of his lately deceased wife Ahalya in order to support the pupils' academic success and buy sporting goods. On wednesday, he gave the money to ashok Reddy, the headmaster of the institution. Speaking on the occasion, Raghavulu expressed his happiness at having donated the funds to support the long-term growth of the school where he worked. ashok Reddy asserted that government institutions alone could provide students with a high-quality education.
Thus, the locals have to provide more assistance for the school's advancement. The faculty members expressed gratitude to Raghavulu on the occasion. To help the students excel in studies and purchase sports equipment, he has decided to donate Rs 1 lakh to school in the name of his recently died wife Ahalya.

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