Strong-willed yet emotionally fragile Subramaniyam (Sudheer Babu) aims to turn his illicit gun manufacturing business into a profitable venture. Eventually, his illicit enterprise takes off, and in the process, he turns the whole impoverished hamlet population into his family. The main characters in "Harom Hara" are those he chooses to oppose and those he ultimately fails to defeat.
Surprisingly, sudheer babu does a good job portraying Subramaniyam. For the most part, Sudheer performs well in a mass-heavy role that would normally be reserved for a Tier 1 star. He performs subtly and excels in the violent sequences as well. He does really well in an emotional sequence with his father. The mass speech block that begins the second half action episode, for instance, where he is shown coated in kumkuma, is one of the blocks where we could sense that the "real" mass impact is absent. Ultimately, though, he gave it his all and effectively utilised his talent, which is evident on television.

Malvika Sharma, who portrays the female protagonist, is flawless; in fact, her lacklustre and unremarkable portrayal is more to blame than anything else. On film, she has a good appearance. palani Swamy is portrayed by Sunil, and he gives the part his all. His hesitant demeanour and chittoor dialect give a great deal of flavour to the movie. He has a lot of screen time, and the director and he make good use of it to improve the movie.
 Harom Hara's supporting cast is passable. In the part of the father, Jayaprakash acts as one would anticipate. Among the evil group, ravi kale stands out while the others are alright. Lakki lakshman is good, although he doesn't write much in his character. akshara gowda portrays a poorly written police officer.
With his excellent BGM, music director chaitan bharadwaj stands out among the technical divisions as the foundation of the movie. He presents the picture in a technically sound and rich manner with the help of Art director A. Ramanjaneyulu and director of Photography Arvind Viswanathan. Raviteja Girijala's editing is good. sree Subrahmanyeshwara Cinemas has excellent production quality overall, with the exception of the finale, when the fire shots are a little erratic.
Overall, Harom Hara's remarkable action sequences make it worth seeing once.


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