Recently, Vishwak Sen appeared in the criminal drama series Gangs of Godavari. Unfortunately, word-of-mouth for the movie was weak, so even with some early excitement and respectable box office debuts, the movie's momentum rapidly evaporated. The movie's box office performance was further worsened by the news that it will become available on Netflix just 14 days after its theatrical debut.
Even though the movie was still playing in theatres, people didn't want to buy tickets since they knew they could see it online in a few days. This tactic backfired, giving the impression that the movie must be awful, which is why it's being released on OTT so early. Because of this, a lot of prospective wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>digital viewers chose to ignore it completely—even when it started to stream for free on OTT.
There hasn't been any conversation on Gangs of Godavari on social media since its OTT debut. It's as if the movie never happened for the OTT audience—there is no talk of the narrative, plot, or performers. It may be very detrimental for a budding actor like Vishwak Sen to be ignored in this way. It is a nightmare for an actor if fans start to not take their movie seriously.
It is one thing for people to see the movie and then give it a bad review, but in the long run, Vishwak Sen may suffer a great deal by ignoring it. Those who have seen the movie on OTT have given it unfavourable to unfavourable reviews. This situation is disastrous for Vishwak Sen since it affected the theatre industry due to its early OTT release and deterred people from watching it on Netflix due to its unfavourable reputation.


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