Students at jawaharlal nehru Technological university (JNTU) in hyderabad have been advised not to plan impromptu protests or rallies that would interfere with the academic atmosphere on campus.
The circular was sent in reaction to recent student demonstrations over things like the withholding of hall passes because fees and mess dues aren't being paid on time. rahul Nayak, a member of the JNTU-Hyderabad Protection Force, however, denounced the university's circular as menacing and said that it was infringing on fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

Students are warned not to take agitation or rallies lightly since this disrupts the peaceful academic atmosphere on campus, according to the warning that was sent on Saturday. In the future, if any such occurrences occur on campus, they will be thoroughly examined and considered as evidence of the student's lack of discipline.

Additionally, it is recommended that students formalize their grievances with their separate principals so that the college administration has enough time to handle any problems with the hostel or coursework.
The circular also directed administrators to swiftly address concerns raised by students, and if those concerns were not handled, students were to provide a copy of their submission to the registrar so that additional action may be taken.

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