Due to a significant increase in professional wage satisfaction, around 41% of indian workers now have two or more sources of income, the highest percentage among the 18 nations studied, according to research released on Tuesday. In 2023, the percentage of respondents who were satisfied with their wages increased from 49% to 73%, making it the highest among 18 nations, according to the results of ADP's annual poll, "People at Work 2024: A Global Workforce View."

It is not surprising that indian respondents' job satisfaction rate—at 81 percent—remains the highest among the 18 nations questioned, given that money is still the most significant aspect for them in a job (55 percent).
The percentage of respondents who are satisfied varies significantly depending on gender; 84% of female respondents and 78% of male respondents are satisfied.
It's interesting to note that according to the report, the education sector has the greatest satisfaction score (88%).

"It's encouraging to see employees happier with their pay, as happier and more productive workforces follow." Employers must provide fair remuneration amid the talent wars and rapid economic growth to protect their workers' financial stability and general well-being, according to rahul Goyal, Managing Director, ADP india & Southeast Asia.
Despite the significance of compensation, it is noteworthy that 55% of indian workers polled frequently receive inaccurate payments.
According to Goyal, "This emphasizes how crucial it is to have a strong payroll system to ensure timely and accurate compensation."

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