Like many other celebrities, shruti haasan uses social media extensively. She enjoys giving her fans a glimpse of her basically raw side. The actress recently shared a series of stories on instagram that offered insight into her current state of mind. Many speculated that she may be referring to a specific person.
Recently, shruti haasan posted a few tales on instagram that alluded to a specific stage of her life. "I never look back, but when I do.. I'm so glad I went ahead and did whatever I wanted to," the woman captioned the photo. While shruti did not explicitly mention anyone’s name, netizens have put two and two to point out that the Salaar actress is referring to her breakup with Santanu.
In another story, she also expressed how she was in such a good mood and urged fans to not put Nazar (evil eye). “Don’t be sorry for who you are and be happy. It feels awesome,” she shared on her Instagram. If you're not familiar with shruti haasan, she just broke up with her former partner, the artist Santanu Hazarika. Personal issues are said to have caused the pair, who were said to have been dating since the COVID-19 epidemic, to split up in april 2024.

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