At the l b nagar police station, a journalist faced legal action for tweeting about the city's power outages. Five days prior, the journalist revathi reportedly wrote on twitter under the account "@revathitweets" about extended power outages in the city. Following the tweet's viral success, TGSPDCL Assistant, engineer Autonagar Section, dileep filed a case at the l b nagar police station, claiming the handler had deliberately and falsely accused the State government and the TGSPDCL of defaming them. Invoking Sections 505 of the IPC and 66 (D) of the IT Act, the police launched an investigation.
Revathi tweeted, "MY MEDAL OF HONOUR: AN FIR," in reaction to the FIR. The FIR that has been filed against me is a bizarre development, she said. "The real offenders from telangana Power & Co., who harassed a female customer in broad daylight, walk free!"

A senior journalist employed by a news channel was arrested by the police in response to a complaint made by an engineer from the electrical board over a 'false accusation' that there had been hours-long power outages in the area.
The journalist revathi P has been named in a First Information Report (FIR) following a complaint filed with the LB nagar police by an Assistant engineer in the operation section at the hayathnagar Sub-division of Saroor nagar division. The complaint claimed that a "Hyderabad resident" had falsely reported seven hours of power outage.

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