Nagarjuna, who is now working with director Sekhar Kammula on filming Dhanush's Kubera, was the subject of a dispute on sunday at the mumbai Airport. The moment he strode over the airport property, a staff member trying to grab a photo with him erupted into a furious altercation.
Witnesses said that Nagarjuna's security guards moved quickly to stop the airport employee from snapping a photo and handled the matter in a very harsh way. The bouncers rather roughly took him off and placed him on the opposite side. nagarjuna seemed calm and unperturbed despite the chaos, carrying on with his journey without expressing any awareness of what had happened.

Nagarjuna continued to walk as if nothing had occurred. The fact that his bouncers misbehaved so horribly around the elderly airport employee didn't even bother him. Ideally, nagarjuna would have expressed regret for his bouncer's impolite actions. Stars are usually friendly towards airport staff and eager to snap photographs with them. Nagarjuna's actions during this occasion startled several of his admirers and provoked a social media reaction. They are disappointed since Nag is renowned for being kind and considerate to his followers, and he usually interacts with them in a friendly manner.

Nag's peculiar and arrogant demeanor has provoked criticism on social media. Because of how unusual this episode was, conversations concerning expectations of public persons and celebrity behavior arose. nagarjuna has received support from some admirers who speculate that his actions might have been the result of other factors or that he was simply in a poor mood. nagarjuna has since expressed regret over the event.


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