With a release date of this month's 27th, kalki is Tollywood's next big venture into the pan-Indian market. This science fiction thriller, which also happens to be one of the most expensive productions in indian film, has a lot riding on it. To sum up, during the past several days, Santosh Narayan, a music composer, has been the primary topic of conversation regarding kalki on social media.
There has been a lot of discussion on the soundtrack for the film since the release of the second trailer last night. The primary grievance expressed has been that the composition is devoid of the high point and hook tune required to produce an intense visual experience. Santosh's music fits the story nicely and might work well overall, although it is anticipated that a repeatable, high-pitched BGM would be required. For a project this size, Nag Ashwin's decision to work with Santosh is already being questioned by online users.

Nevertheless, it is premature to evaluate Santosh's efforts in advance of the movie's premiere. We cannot evaluate his work until we have seen the movie on the big screens and heard the musical score. Previously, Santosh has scored massive goals for Kabali, Vada Chennai, Mahaan, Chittha, and other teams. Even though Kalki's topic and nature may be different, the gifted composer now faces a new task. Thus, it would be prudent to hold off on casting doubt on his work until the movie opens on large screens. It is now his responsibility to deliver the merchandise.

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