In the wake of the recent spike in food safety violations in hyderabad, a new instance has surfaced in which a patron claims to have discovered a worm in his meal.
In a brief video that went viral online, a client at the Gaddi Annaram raghavendra Hotel in hyderabad was shown looking puzzled when he saw a worm in the chutney of the "masala puri" he had ordered. The task force team of the food safety department of ghmc has recently carried out many crackdowns in hyderabad due to infractions.

Raids were also carried out throughout telangana in response to flagrant disregard for hygienic regulations and standards that may have an impact on the final consumer's health. The state's public health and food safety regulations were the two principal goals of these raids.
In the meanwhile, the government keeps an eye on and enforces adherence to rules to guarantee that food enterprises uphold strict safety and hygienic requirements.

At “Hotel Thousand Pillars“, Hanumakonda, officials found synthetic food colour-coated tandoori chicken along with an uncovered curd bowl with flies in the kitchen.

“Infested Suji Rava and stored masala with foul smell found. No medical certificates, gloves, or head gear for food handlers. Water analysis report not available. FSSAI license not displayed on the premises. Observed unhygienic conditions like unclean flooring and ceiling. No separate storage for veg and non-veg items. Notice has been issued. Further action will be taken accordingly,” the department said in a press release.

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