Dr. Cyriac Abby Philips, sometimes referred to as "The Liver Doc," and actress samantha Ruth Prabhu got into a verbal sparring match on social media a few days after reports emerged that the actress had shared a photo of herself with a nebulizer. Dr. Philips accused the media of misreporting the incident. Dr. Philips said on X that his remarks had been misconstrued and misreported by indian media. 

"Indian media doing india media things," he wrote. falsification and misunderstanding. awful moments." He also posted a screenshot of a Hindu report. Not only this, he also answered few queries of social media users when the latter claimed that this was a paid PR Stunt of samantha to get the mileage. Dr Philips wrote, “Of course, looks like this. Because this part was cherry picked to save face.”

Why this controversy?
Prabhu had before sent her social media followers a health warning.
"Try an alternate treatment before taking medicine for a common viral infection. Nebulization with a solution of hydrogen peroxide and distilled water is one method. Functions like a magic. Avoid using medications needlessly (emoji)," she added, posting a picture of herself using a nebulizer.
Dr. Cyriac Abby Philips, sometimes referred to as "The Liver Doc," then attacked him harshly on social media.
He stated, "Ms. samantha Ruth, an influential indian actress, is sadly ignorant of science and health, and she advises her millions of followers to inhale hydrogen peroxide to prevent and treat respiratory viral infections."

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