The One8 Commune bar, owned by virat kohli, and a number of other businesses on MG Road have been charged with a felony by Bengaluru police for operating over the designated hour. DCP Central reports that the bars were discovered to be operating till 1:30 in the morning. One hour after closing is allowed. After receiving complaints about loud music being played in the vicinity late at night, the police took action. Among the bars reported for breaking the laws is One8 Commune, which is close to the Chinnaswamy cricket stadium.

"We had reports that loud music was being played late into the night. The policeman stated, "Further action will be taken in accordance with the ongoing investigation.

There are One8 Commune locations in several major cities, including delhi, mumbai, Pune, and Kolkata, run by Virat Kohli. december of last year saw the opening of the Bengaluru location. It is situated in Ratnam's Complex on the sixth level.

A scandal started last year when a guy from tamil Nadu described how he was turned away from the mumbai One8 Commune branch for wearing a "veshti" in a video posted on X. The individual described himself as "hurt" and "disappointed" by the treatment.

The restaurant business owned by virat kohli made headlines last year when One8 Commune was ordered by the delhi High court not to play music on which Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) possesses the copyright.

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