It was thought that ghosts were invisible inmates of a government school in Adilabad, Telangana, who notably lingered in a lonely fifth-standard classroom. Before a teacher made the decision to confront the "supernatural whispers" and spend the night in the purportedly haunted room to help the children get over their fear, the rumours were taken for granted.
When Nuthal Ravindar arrived to Mandal Parishad Upper Primary school in Anandpur, Jainad Mandal in the district, the story started to fall apart. The pupils' terrified emotions were sparked by the unexpected crash of a fallen tree outside when I was teaching Class 7.

Perplexed, Ravindar asked his nine students what was troubling them, and they revealed that they firmly believed there was a ghost that inhabited Class 5.
The pupils refused to back down in the face of Ravindar's attempts to soothe them as they related the weird noises that came from the empty classroom. These unsettling noises were irrefutable evidence of a ghost's existence to them.
The general secretary of Jana Vignana Vedika and a rationalist named Ravindar offered to spend the night in the notorious Class 5 room in an attempt to challenge their views.

On July 5, the night of Amavasya, the kids, who were determined that he should, anxiously waited as Ravindar entered the school with a lamp and a bedsheet. Amavasya, the first night without the moon in a month, is regarded as unlucky.
He entered the classroom promptly at 8 o'clock at night, with the one requirement that the arrangement be kept a secret between him and the kids. The presumed ghost and the outside world would be in the dark about it.

The pupils waited tensely outside the classroom at six in the morning, hoping that the night would pass without any mishap. They were eventually able to put their long-standing worries of a ghost to rest when ravindra returned, alive and well.
"The students who gathered to see me in the morning were finally convinced there was no ghost," Ravindar said, reflecting on the impact. However, there was genuine terror among them. He related how one kid had transferred to a private school the year before because he thought there was a ghost on the property.
A Class 7 student echoed the relief by saying, "We were living in terror. But because of our teaching, we now think that ghosts don't exist.

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