Happy Rose Day: Significance of various rose colours!!!

Valentine's Week, the most romantic week of the year, is quickly approaching. It begins with Rose Day and counts down to Valentine's Day on february 14 each year. Rose Day, observed annually on february 7, is a celebration of love, life, fervour, and passion during which time people show their loved ones their affection in a variety of ways, most notably by giving and receiving roses.

Rose Day couldn't have happened in a better month because flowers begin to bloom in february as springtime approaches, and giving a rose on this day has special meaning because roses stand for the bond of love. 

So on Rose Day, the first day of a weeklong romance, people give their significant other roses of various colours.

Here are the relationships that each colour represents as Valentine's Week's Rose Day approaches:

1. The most cherished rose of all is the red one. It symbolises passion and love.

2. Orange roses are symbolic of intense love. Send them to the person you love as a gift to show them how much you care.

3. Send a peach rose to the person you love to let them know that, despite your reluctance to admit it, you adore them.

4. A yellow rose symbolises the hope of an enduring connection.

5. Rare and beautiful, the lavender rose is. Give it to someone to let them know you fell in love with them at first sight.

6. The pink rose represents admiration and appreciation. Give someone a pink rose to brighten their day if you want to compliment them.

7. The white rose is typically given during weddings or funerals and represents simplicity.

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