Indian American junior, who is richer than google CEO?

Thomas Kurian is a kerala inhabitant. Thomas became the new CEO of google Cloud in 2018, and Kurian is now the second-richest CEO in India. The fortune of Thomas Kurian is reportedly more than that of Sundar Pichai, according to media reports.

Where did Thomas Kurian study?

Chemical engineering was his father's line of work. St. Joseph's Boys' High school in Bangalore served as the educational home for Thomas Kurian and his brother George Kurian. Both brothers had excellent academic records. Thomas Kurian was admitted to IIT madras around this time, but he also received an admissions offer from Princeton university in the United States, so he chose to leave IIT madras and pursue his studies in America. Thomas is the CEO of google Cloud today. Thomas earned his electrical engineering degree from Princeton university and his MBA from Stanford Graduate school of Business. George Kurian, his brother, serves as CEO of NetApp.

How was Thomas Kurian's career?

Thomas worked at McKinsey & Company for his first job following graduation. He has been in charge of the CEO's consulting team for six years during this time. Later, Thomas spent 22 years overseeing a workforce of 35,000 people across 31 nations at Oracle. However, life doesn't always go according to plan. Thomas left the company at this time and joined google over disagreements with Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison.

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