Mridul Agarwal of rajasthan earned a top position in the IIT entrance exam this year. Sri chaitanya marketed himself as a pupil of theirs.

Mridul posed for shots while wearing a coat provided by Srichaitanya's firm. Without looking little under his name, Sri chaitanya mentioned that he was an online learner.

Mridul Agarwal was also a student at Narayana college, according to the college. Sri chaitanya did not even write words like at least online/offline as they did in one of the two assertions.

He states elsewhere that he is an online student who does not present and does not appear. Narayana appears to be referring to a student who has worked directly with them. Mridul, on the other hand, received a note from Fitzgerald thanking him for reading his firm. Mridul had also authored and signed the letter.

If you check the adverts in telugu periodicals, it's evident that Topper took the IIT entrance exam this year and studied in at least four colleges.

When it came to his rank, Mridul Agarwal took to Twitter. Allen expressed his gratitude to the group for four years of academic and non-academic help. Other than Allen, no other institution softly mentioned the college's name. Sri chaitanya, Narayana, and Fitzgerald aren't even mentioned.

This isn't the first time something like this has occurred. This is something that corporate educational institutions have been doing for a long. 

Mridul, on the other hand, stated that he did not receive any training from Srichaitanya or Narayana and that he did not attend their colleges.

Mridul's triumph is being celebrated by several Allen organizations.

When Mridul met rajasthan Chief minister Ashok Gehlot, Allen was dressed in uniform. 

Meanwhile, the state president of the telangana Schools and Technical college Job Unions has filed a police report on the incident. 

When you look at these statements, it's evident that they're false. By providing incorrect information, they are tricking millions of people and parents. 

Every year, something similar occurs. It should be examined, and they should face severe consequences. "Action must be done against the remainder," TSTCA President Santosh stated, "so that the student's future is not affected." There is a possibility that parents will be misled by their deceptive propaganda if it is not halted now.

Parents are paid enormous sums of money to do this, and the first person to arrive receives notices in their name. Last year, the same thing happened with the Neet exam winner. The news was shared on social media by the reporter.

When the Mridul Agarwal matter was brought up in the media, the Srichaitanya management claimed that he had taken an online test series from them, and therefore his name was made public. 

Attending mock tests is what a test series entails. It's not like going to regular classes or training. However, these businesses are advertising in a method that they have researched. 

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