The cases of covid are increasing. Three days ago, the central government wrote a letter to six states along with telangana asking them to be vigilant.. Earlier, the secretary of the health department also warned. At the field level, flu fever is raging. The spread of H3N2 is creating panic among the people. According to this, the cases of covid in the country are slowly increasing. Last week, the number crossed 400 for the first time since november 2022. Now it has crossed 500.

The four states are kerala, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Gujarat. Looking at Friday's data, 841 people across the country have been infected with the Covid virus. It is noteworthy that after four months the cases are coming at this level. With this, the total number of active cases has reached 5389. It is noteworthy that these are almost double compared to the number of active cases till last month.

There have been almost no deaths due to covid in the country for a few months. But now two (Jharkhand and Maharashtra) have been registered. Two more deaths have been recorded in kerala due to revision of old figures. And daily new cases in the country have increased six times compared to last month. That is 112 positives came on february 18 and today their number is 626. 

Due to this, it seems that the covid is spreading like water under the carpet. Last Wednesday, the Center warned Maharashtra, Gujarat, telangana, tamil Nadu, kerala, Karnataka. Testing calls for increased focus on tracking vaccination. Earlier on Saturday, Union health Secretary Rajesh bhushan had sent a letter to the States-UTs explaining the need for Covid-19 measures.

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