Doctors Alert..! New disease spread in tamil Nadu?

Multiple Sclerosis disease is widely seen in tamil Nadu, doctors request that the tamilnadu government should create awareness about this disease. Multiple Sclerosis Society of india held an awareness conference on Multiple Sclerosis at a private star hotel in Egmore. The conference was chaired by Maldivian Sclerosis doctor Anne Gonçalves and Honorary Ambassador of Chile, Anthony Lobo, was the special guest. Dr. deepak Arjun Das, Dr. Venkataraman Karthikein, and Dr. D. D. Dipia, senior doctors who are researching Maldivil Sclerosis, participated in the conference and addressed the conference. The program discussed the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, its side effects and effects, treatments and uses of the disease, measures, and medications that patients can take to make their lives easier.
Dr. Venkatraman Karthikeyan, who met the media after the program, said that in tamil Nadu, Multiple Sclerosis is widely seen in the population, and the government has set up various concessions and medical treatment centers for Multiple Sclerosis in tamil Nadu. He said that if the government intervenes to raise awareness about this disease among the people, it will improve the livelihood of many people. He also said that if the government sets up a public toilet every 3 or 5 kilometers as appropriate for the physically challenged, they will have the courage to meet the patients without being paralyzed at home. Also, at Kuppusamy Naidu Hospital, a well-known hospital in coimbatore, there was a commotion after employees who drank contaminated water from the main water tank experienced vomiting and fainting. Kuppusamy Naidu Memorial Hospital, a famous hospital in coimbatore, located in the Papanayakanpalayam area of coimbatore, is treating more than a thousand patients daily as outpatients and inpatients. In this situation, two days ago, a cat died after falling into the main water tank with a capacity of about 60,000 liters in the hospital premises.Due to this, the water has been distributed as drinking water to the patients and staff of the hospital for two or three days. Meanwhile, there was a commotion in the hospital yesterday as many nurses felt faint. Following this, the doctors treated the affected employees, patients, and relatives in the same hospital. Following the information about this to the district health department, the health department led by deputy director of the health department Aruna has set up a special camp in the hospital and is conducting health check-ups for about 300 nurses and employees there and giving them medicines. Aruna, the deputy director of the health department, who gave an interview about this, said that based on the information they received that the water was contaminated, they took the water and sent it for testing and the nurses and employees who drank the water are currently undergoing physical examination and treatment and said that the reason will be known only after the results of the test.
Similarly, the chief doctor of the hospital, Sundarrajan, said that false information was being spread that a cat had fallen into the water tank and died and that the staff had become ill due to the contamination of the water. He also said that they have been given appropriate treatment. Coimbatore's popular hospital, Kuppusamy Naidu Hospital, has caused a stir in coimbatore due to the contamination of drinking water in which nurses and staff were injured.

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