Alert: Side Effects of Roadside Corn...

Almost everyone must have tested the corn roasted on roadside coal. Its fragrance attracts people towards it. corn is also considered a treasure trove of nutrients in terms of health. Despite being beneficial for health, do you know that eating Roadside corn can harm you. Eating it can spoil your health. Today we are going to tell some reasons through this article, due to which you should not consume the corn found on the roadside.

Do not even by mistake consume the corn found on the roadside.

Flies can spoil your health

The corn sold on the roadside is often kept in the open, due to which flies buzz on them, due to which many bacteria and germs grow in the corn. Consuming corn which is found on the roadside can have a bad effect on health and it can cause serious diseases in you. 

Bad air and soil particles

The corns found on the roadside are kept in the open air throughout the day, on which the dust keeps falling. These particles go inside your body while eating corn, due to which you can fall ill. In such a situation, eating corn kept in the open on the side of the road should be avoided.

People selling corn on the roadside keep using the same lemon. Apart from this, many times people selling corn also start using spoiled or discarded lemons to save money. In such a situation, the salt and lemon applied on the corn can also spoil your health.

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