Nails White Spots: Why do white spots appear on nails..? Any symptom of disease..?

Did you know that the white spot on the nail says a lot about your body? In this article, we will see what are the reasons for this.

You have often seen white spots on your nails. Did you know? The white spots on the nails say a lot about your body. These spots are called 'leukonychia'. It is widespread to come across this. Many reasons can cause these spots. One of them is 'zinc deficiency'. In such a situation, in this article, we will know what are the causes of white spots on nails.

Causes of white spots on nails:

Allergy: Some people are allergic to anything like food, medicine, cosmetics. Hence, white spots appear on the nails due to this allergy.

Fungal infection: Fungal infection of the nails can also cause white spots. This infection usually occurs in people who work in damp environments or have wet feet.

Hereditary Causes: Some people may also develop white spots on their nails due to genetics.

Injury: Injury to nails can also cause white spots to appear.

Nail Polish: Nail polish and nail remover contain chemicals. They can damage the nails and cause white spots.

Poison: Contact with some poisonous substances is said to cause white spots on the nails.

Medications: Side effects of certain medications can cause white spots on the nails.

Deficiency of minerals: Due to a deficiency of zinc and calcium in the body, white spots occur on the nails.

What to do:

If you think you have an allergy, you should avoid the allergen.

If you think you have a fungal infection, be sure to consult a doctor and take medication.

If you feel you are deficient in minerals, add more zinc and calcium-rich foods to your diet.

If there is any ulcer due to nail injury, it is better to treat it immediately.

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