Danger of dengue Asthma: Everyone is fond of keeping plants inside the house, but do you know that the health Department has warned that this hobby can cause everything from dengue to asthma or malaria?

While some plants inside the house increase the level of oxygen, they can also pose a risk of everything from dengue fever to allergies and asthma. According to the health Department, ornamental plants are also responsible for the spread of infectious diseases like dengue fever. The health department says that due to indoor conditions, infectious diseases like West nile and dengue fever can spread even in summer.

Mosquitoes breed on indoor plants and stagnation of water, humidity, and dust also increases the risk of many other diseases. Apart from watering the soil, while growing plants in bottles, care should be taken to keep changing it and prevent water accumulation. It was only after COVID-19 that people started becoming interested in growing plants indoors. But the layer of dust on the leaves blows into the house with the wind, this also causes the risk of allergy and asthma.

If there are water plants in the housethen change the water in the bottle daily. Try to avoid water accumulation in the potting tray. Similarly, water stored in the refrigerator tray becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

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Things to keep in mind to prevent mosquitoes from breeding inside the house

Keep the mouths of plant-growing bottles closed.

Try changing the water every day

Take care not to allow water to accumulate in the trays that keep the plant pots.

Apart from this, avoid accumulation of water in the tray below the refrigerator.

Even if there are plants in and around the house, prevent water from freezing.

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