Diabetes: These symptoms can also be a sign of increased sugar in summer, do not ignore them

The problem of high blood sugar is considered harmful to overall health. The risk of increasing blood sugar and the problems caused by it can be even higher in summer. health experts say that people whose sugar level often remains higher than normal are at risk of many problems related to heart disease, nerves, and eyes. To keep it under control, it becomes necessary to keep diet and digestion right.

Doctors say that high-temperature conditions can increase the sugar. In such a situation, people who already have diabetes are advised to avoid exposure to sunlight and keep drinking plenty of water. Due to increased sugar in summer, you may also experience many types of unexpected symptoms, which need to be paid attention to in time. Let's know about this.

The problem of increasing sugar levels in summer

According to the report published in WebMD, the abnormal conditions of summer days can cause an increase in sugar levels. There is a high risk of dehydration during these days, which can directly increase blood sugar. Apart from this, due to high temperature, blood vessels dilate, which can increase the absorption of insulin. These conditions can also cause abnormal changes in sugar levels.

It is important to take special care of these symptoms of increasing sugar levels in summer.

Feeling very thirsty

Feeling thirsty in summer is normal, however, if you remain thirsty despite drinking water, then it can be considered a sign of high blood sugar. Due to increased sugar, the kidneys have to work hard to filter and absorb excess glucose. This increases urine production and fluid loss in the body. These conditions are considered to increase thirst. If you are very thirsty, then definitely check the sugar once.

Frequent urination

Urine production increases due to the amount of excess glucose in the bloodstream. This is an effort made by the body to remove excess sugar. If you feel the need to urinate frequently, or have to urinate more than twice in an hour, then be careful. In these situations, check blood sugar levels regularly and consult a doctor for proper management of sugar.

Symptoms like fatigue and weakness

When the sugar level increases, the body's ability to use glucose for energy is also hampered, due to which you may have problems of fatigue and lethargy. Apart from this, the mouth and skin are often dry due to dehydration. To keep the body healthy and sugar levels under control in summer, ensure to consume a balanced diet, regular physical activity, and proper sleep. It is considered very important to keep checking blood sugar levels regularly.

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