A Famous malayalam actor has publicly agreed! Thalapathy Vijay, who is an unshakable actor in tamil cinema, has created a separate fan base for himself. His films are a hit with children and adults alike. The films of such a famous Thalapathy Vijay have been well received not only in tamil Nadu but globally.

Especially in the neighboring state of tamil Nadu, kerala, the film of Thalapathy Vijay is seen as a malayalam superstar film. Because Thalapathy Vijay is getting a monopoly reception in kerala from the fans.

The main reason for this is the story he chooses. In a recent interview, malayalam celebrity prithviraj praised Vijay for showing his amazing acting and dancing by selecting quality stories that will be admired by the fans as he can be played by anyone else than Vijay in the film.

The fact that the malayalam celebrity has said that Thalapathy Vijay is a malayalam superstar has kept the Thalapathy fans in awe. Prithviraj is familiar to tamil fans not only in malayalam but also in tamil films like Language, Don't Make Noise, Abhi, and I.

Prithviraj, who is not showing his head in tamil at present, is emerging as a leading actor in Malayalam. He not only acted as an actor but also as a director in the movie lucifer starring mohanlal Manchu Warrior.

It is noteworthy that the film was well-received both commercially and critically. In cinema, it is a big thing for one actor to praise another actor. It is rumored in kollywood that prithviraj has spoken proudly of Thalapathy Vijay without even looking at him as an actor from another state.

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