The heroes in tollywood are in high demand. Several filmmakers are taken aback by the heroes' request. This need is becoming prevalent among celebrities and young heroes alike. All of the heroes who are hearing the directors' story narration are requesting comprehensive narration. The heroes want the directors to give them a proper two-and-a-half hour full narrative. Several filmmakers are shaking their heads at this decision since providing a full-fledged narrative is difficult. Following the completion of the narration, some heroes request that the filmmakers give a bound script with a dialogue version. The directors who approach them are looking for a lot of clarity from the heroes.

Directors are striving and working harder to meet the demand. They must impress the hero with detailed narration. As a result, producers are informing directors to plan for this. The heroes are not in the mood to take any chances. After experiencing failure, some are eager to make a comeback with a good film. Even the heroes who have tasted success are feeling more responsibility and want to solidify their place with another win. This is undoubtedly a positive trend in the sector.

Even successful or blockbuster directors are feeling the heat, and as a result, their films are not getting started right away. sukumar and allu arjun, for example, had a smash with Pushpa: The Rise in december 2021. During its release, allu arjun said that Pushpa: The Rule will be released in december 2022. While december 2022 is rapidly approaching, Pushpa: The Rule has yet to visit theatres. Harish Shankar's Gaddalakonda Ganesh, starring varun Tej, was released in 2019 and performed well at the box office. The director has yet to begin his next project. Buchi Babu sana made his film debut in early 2021 with the blockbuster Uppena. He has yet to begin his next project.

In sankranti 2020, trivikram srinivas scored an industry blockbuster with Ala Vaikunthapurrammuloo. He hasn't started his next project in nearly two years. Despite the fact that he announced his forthcoming SSMB 28 with Mahesh Babu, we know that Mahesh took his time to give his final approval. Mahesh allegedly urged trivikram to modify the tale and create a new one. This is a clear indication that Mahesh is making sound decisions. koratala siva failed miserably with Acharya. While tarak had a prior commitment with ntr (NTR 30), he is not in the mood to start the project without a comprehensive script in the pre-production stage.

Prabhas radhe shyam was a flop at the box office. At the ticket counters, Vijay Deverakonda's Liger tasted becale. Both performers have determined to do films carefully from now on, leaving no stone left in order to make their next great movie. prabhas has even postponed Adipurush in order to match the tremendous expectations around the film. Nikhil and adivi sesh had success with karthikeya and Major. Both actors are also making astute choices.

Even producers are pleased with this need for heroes because wastage would be minimal or zero if the script was locked in the pre-production stage rather than making changes midway or conducting additional reshoots. Directors must adapt to this new way of working, which is beneficial to both themselves and the industry as a whole.

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