With the announcement of impending minor to big-budget movie release dates, the summer fight is growing significantly more intense. Now, mega-hero Vaisshnav Tej joins the great summer war with his fourth movie, which is being directed by srikanth N Reddy, a rookie. Vaisshnav Tej is seen peering at the fence in this out-of-focus image in the poster for PVT04, which reveals the release date as april 29, this year.

With several renowned films opening in theatres this summer, there will be a significant rush. Sreeleela, who plays the lead role opposite Vaisshnav Tej, portrays a character that is unpolished, hardy, and rural. The project is being funded jointly by naga Vamsi and Sai Soujanya under sithara Entertainments and Fortune Four Cinemas, with Srikara Studios serving as the production company.

To be honest, no one cares about Vaisshnav Tej and in fact, the date is also completely wrong as everyone will be looking towards biggies and not this small movie. It is well known that Vaisshnav Tej made his debut on the silver screen with the blockbuster Uppena, which was released in february 2021. Later, in october 2021, Vaishnav Tej's second movie, Kondapolam, was released in theatres but did not do well with the public.

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