Thalapathy Vijay copied mahesh babu fully..!?

In tamil Nadu, a Vijay film has created huge expectations among the fans as a big mass. In that way, the recently released Varisu movie is running successfully. The film was released in telugu as Varisudu. Following this, the film gave a huge collection wise in the first two days of its release. Then the collection of this film turned upside down. The reason for this is that the reviews for the film have now been published.
Like Varisu, the fans there had high expectations for Varisudu. They say that all their expectations ended in disappointment. At the same time, balakrishna and Chiranjeevi's movie in telugu was released and it has attracted fans very much. When their film came to the screens competing with Vijay, all kinds of fans came to support Varisudu only. But it was a big disappointment for them.All the scenes in the film seem to have been taken from a mahesh babu film. Apart from that, the music they put on is nothing new. It is said that he has added the old masala. After watching the film, the people there say that the Varisudu film was not shot here. Even though he competed with Ajith, he lost to telugu actors. This is because of the direction he chose. This is because this director has taken the plot in telugu film style.

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