Since the thammudu era, pawan kalyan has consistently been praised for his sense of fashion. He has spent the previous two decades serving as an example for young people. In Tollywood, he has consistently created fashion trends with his appearance. Pawan has consistently made an effort to maintain his good looks, even after he entered politics. But for the first time, he is receiving criticism for his appearance when he is not online. 

Recently, Balakrishna's famous discussion show Unstoppable included pawan kalyan as a guest. Recently, a promo for the show was aired, and even his supporters did not like how Pawan looked. Pawan appears out of shape and has a chubby face. He also has a double chin, which contributes to his unattractive appearance. He needs to regain his fitness. He cannot afford to let his admirers down because they consider him to be a style icon. Tonight, streaming of the Pawan Kalyan-starring Unstoppable episode will begin.

Recently, the film #OG (Original Gangster), starring power star pawan kalyan and produced by RRR's DVV Danayya, had a gala premiere. Fans can't wait for the film to be out because Pawan will play a mobster in it. The expensive gangster spectacular is supposed to reveal Pawan Kalyan's actual power. After the box office flop of Saaho, director Sujeeth is eager to return, and OG's script is said to have taken a lot of his time.

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