After the epic acharya fiasco, director koratala siva endured severe personal and professional setbacks. It appears that koratala siva still feels intimidated by the media despite the acharya disaster having occurred more than nine months ago. koratala siva was scheduled to attend a function for the short film love You Ram. But at the last second, he skipped it.

Koratala Siva was recently invited to the Michael pre-release event by sandeep Kishan. He nevertheless opted to convey his best wishes via a video byte that was played during the celebration. According to rumours in the business, koratala siva is still frightened of the media's probing inquiries concerning Acharya. He will also be questioned over the status of his upcoming movie starring ntr, whose production keeps getting postponed. It appears that koratala siva will only reappear during NTR30 promotions.

There is now good news for those who are anticipating NTR's upcoming project, NTR30. The much-awaited film starring ntr and koratala siva will shortly begin production, and all the arrangements and pre-production tasks have already been completed. The film's production will begin in the second or third week of February, and the entire team anticipates finishing it quickly.

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