On Monday, february 6, kiara advani and sidharth malhotra will wed in Jaisalmer's Suryagarh Palace. The pair is conducting a sangeet ceremony on sunday night, though, before the wedding. There is a video available that was taken at the ceremony location. According to reports, Sid, kiara, and their families will perform. At the wedding location, guests have already started to arrive. The photogs captured shahid Kapoor, his wife Mira, and karan johar on sunday while they were travelling to the wedding venue after arriving in Jaisalmer.

Isha Ambani arrives in jaisalmer for the wedding of her best friend kiara Advani. In jaisalmer, sidharth malhotra and kiara advani will wed. Before the wedding, a source told IANS that "cell phone use is simply not allowed" and that "guards are stationed with firearms all around Suryagarh." Lekha Gupta, Kiara's makeup artist, will give her the bridal look for tomorrow's wedding. On saturday night, Gupta and other makeup artists took a flight to Jaisalmer.

According to earlier reports, sidharth malhotra and kiara advani were set to wed on february 6. But as of present, india Today has stated that the wedding will occur on february 7. According to recent rumours, salman khan may attend sidharth malhotra and kiara Advani's wedding. Grandmother sidharth malhotra arrived in jaisalmer and made a brief statement to the media. This week, Sid and kiara advani will be united in marriage.

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