Prakash raj stuck with his T-shirt, wrote this thing about the hindi language

Hindi language Controversy: His controversy of three years ago with actor prakash raj has once again become a topic of discussion. On september 13, 2020, he posted a photo on the occasion of hindi Diwas. In this picture, the hindi language was written on his T-shirt.

Hindi language Controversy: Veteran actor prakash raj has worked in almost all southern languages including Bollywood. He is known for his acting as well as his outspokenness. But because of the three-year-old photo, prakash raj is now embroiled in controversies. He was wearing a T-shirt with something written in Kannada. Something has been written on this T-shirt for the hindi language, after which prakash raj has come into controversies. Prakash is now trending on twitter because of his T-shirt. Let us know what is the whole issue.

Demand for registration of FIR against Prakash Raj. supreme court lawyer shashank Shekhar Jha has shared a picture of actor prakash raj on his twitter account. Tagging the tamil Nadu police, he asked whether they have registered a case against Prakash Raj. In the picture shared, Prakash is seen in a black T-shirt with 'I don't know hindi, go!' written in Kannada. Now a ruckus has started regarding this matter.

Prakash raj protested While retweeting shashank Shekhar Jha's tweet, prakash raj questioned in both english and Kannada, "My origin, my mother tongue is Kannada. If you insult that and impose your language, I will protest. Are you threatening me?"

Prakash raj was accused of imposing the hindi language. prakash raj has also made another tweet in this regard. He wrote, "I speak 7 languages. Learning and speaking a language means respecting its people. I have learned every language of the people I work with. I do not impose my language on anyone. But If you insult my language and impose your language on me, I will protest." He has given this tweet the hashtag #stopHindiImposition #justasking

The lawyer raised the issue by sharing the clip of Prakash Raj's film. After this tweet, prakash raj made another tweet. In this tweet, he retweeted a tweet by lawyer shashank Shekhar Jha, saying, "A scene from Jaibheem where a local police officer interrogates a criminal who tries to evade the law by speaking hindi despite knowing the local language ..and you want to use this to question our fight. Your agenda of hate has been exposed."

The lawyer had raised questions about prakash raj by tweeting a clip of a film. Sharing the clip, he said, "This is Prakash Raj's hypocrisy in Jayabheem movie. The same scene is in Telugu, tamil, and Hindi. See the difference and the hypocrisy."

Having protested against the imposition of the hindi language on hindi Diwas, this controversial photo of prakash raj was posted by the actor himself on september 13, 2020, on the occasion of hindi Diwas. Sharing this photo, he wrote, 'I know many languages. I can work in several languages. But my faith.. my origin.. my strength.. my pride.. my mother tongue is Kannada.

Apart from prakash raj, many actors protested. On the occasion of hindi Day, not only prakash raj spoke against the imposition of the hindi language, but many actors were involved with him. Actors dhananjay and Vashishth N simha had also expressed their views on hindi Diwas on social media regarding this issue. Now after three years, a demand is being made to register an FIR on the same post.

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