It is well known that South indian movies have dominated indian cinema for a while now. On the other hand, a number of popular bollywood films are performing poorly at the box office. It is clear that many hollywood people are envious of the success of South indian films, even though this is not publicly displayed.

Recently, RRR's Naatu Naatu took home the oscar for Best Original Song. Many bollywood directors and performers chose not to even extend their congratulations to RRR's team, even as the entire nation celebrated this enormous triumph. If a hindi movie pulled this off, it would already be a national sensation, and bollywood as a whole would be celebrating.

In addition to not celebrating it, many in B-Town have begun making fun of RRR's victory. shaan Muttathil, the makeup artist for well-known actress Jacqueline Fernandez, claimed that RRR's group purchased the Oscar. He wrote on social media, "I thought we could only buy prizes in india lol. And even the Oscars now. Money and everything we can purchase with it. Even the Oscars are funny. Internet users criticized shaan for his remarks. He was referred to as a jealous person who was unable to rejoice over a successful South film. That does appear to be the situation with the majority of bollywood celebs.

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