China and india stationed thousands of soldiers around border...

China and india are always at odds. Following the incident in Galwan, soldiers from both nations have been stationed along the border. The article claims that both nations have stationed more than 50,000 soldiers along the border. It appears as though war preparations are underway. The Dalai Lama, a prominent figure in Tibetan religion, has initiated negotiations with china concurrently. But thus far, there hasn't been much success in this. The leaders of tibet and china are holding discussions for the first time in ten years. 

The political head of Tibet's government-in-exile, Penpa Tsering, has stated that although negotiations are ongoing with the Chinese, little progress has been made thus far. We're getting calls from the Chinese. Let us notify you that informal communication has resumed between the two parties for the first time since the 2010 breakdown of discussions.

According to Norzin Dolma, Tibet's minister of international affairs, no significant progress has been made in the negotiations thus far. There is currently a lot of tension on the border between india and china, which is why the leaders of tibet are having this backchannel talk with China. Thousands of Chinese soldiers are currently stationed in the Tibetan region. Here, significant military airfields and bases have been constructed. china has also set up a large number of sophisticated radars and espionage tools. 2020 saw the Galwan unrest, which resulted in the deaths of numerous soldiers from both nations. According to Penpa Tsering, his government is collaborating on the tibet problem with the indian Foreign Ministry and security services. The Dalai Lama is speaking for this reason.

China displayed haughtiness

He stated that the relationship between india and the Tibetan government has been open and honest. india has seen a rise in the discussion of tibet as a result of China's borderland aggressiveness. We would like to inform you that till the Chinese forces in laos do not withdraw, India-China ties will never return to normal. Additionally, there are rumors that china is attempting to instil its own colors in the youngsters of Tibet. These schools are where they are being sent against their will, shut off from their culture.

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