Mexico has the most expensive passport in the world!!!

Which nation offers the priciest passport worldwide, do you know? Rest assured, we will explain this to you. At US $231.05 for a ten-year passport, the mexico passport is thought to be the priciest. In addition, the indian passport is thought to be the most affordable and reasonable when it comes to yearly costs. When it comes to price, the uae passport is the best option. A study on passports from every nation has been released. According to the research, indian passport holders are exempt from needing a visa to enter 62 nations.

In this instance, India's least expensive passport is

India's passport is the least expensive in terms of annual validity fees, the survey claims. The Australian company Compare the Market AU conducted this investigation. The company has researched the price of passports from several nations as well as the annual costs. According to the study, the most expensive passport is from mexico, costing US$231.05 for a ten-year period.

The indian passport, which costs US$18.07 for a ten-year validity, is the second-cheapest passport altogether, according to the firm's statement. In the uae, the five-year validity costs US$17.70. india has the cheapest passport, costing US$1.81 per year of validity. kenya ($3.09) and south africa ($3.05) were second and third, respectively.

India currently ranks 80th

Simultaneously, an additional study stated that india has the 80th position in the passport index. In the passport index published for 2024, india is ranked 80th by ranking company Henley & Partners. india was ranked the same in 2023 as well. Nonetheless, indians are now able to visit five additional countries without a visa this year as opposed to the previous. indian nationals were able to visit 57 countries without a visa in 2023; this year, that number has risen to 62.

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