The long-awaited sequel to Mani Ratnam's Magnum Opus, ponniyin selvan 2, finally had its trailer unveiled last night at a fantastic trailer premiere event in Chennai. The release of the trailer was eagerly anticipated by the tamil public as well as media organisations from the industry.

Everyone is aware that only tamil speakers enjoyed the first installment of ponniyin selvan, which is why the film did poorly overseas. Now, the second installment's teaser conveys the same impression. After viewing the trailer, the audience became disinterested and found it difficult to watch the entire thing because there are no high points and, as was already mentioned, even this portion of ponniyin selvan appears to be intended only for Tamil-speaking viewers.

The film ponniyin selvan is based on kalki Krishnamurthy's well-known book about raja raja Chozhan. The first movie, which was set in the 10th century and had a screenplay by Mani Ratnam, Jeyamohan, and Kumaravel, showed how a struggle for control between various Chola family branches began to lead to violent rifts. With narration outlining how the Cholas came to be the most prosperous and powerful empire on the continent and one of the most successful and long-reigning in history, the second movie is anticipated to delve even further into the tale.

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