Icon, a film directed by Vakeel Saab director and starring allu arjun, was announced by dil raju a few years back. However, allu arjun diverted his attention to other endeavors, such as pushpa, and the movie was never shot. Recent accounts state that dil raju recently renewed the title Icon. It indicates that dil raju still intends to produce this movie. Additionally, allu arjun frequently mentions in some of his talks that the movie will be released at some point. Some of his supporters also refer to him as a "Icon Star."

But everyone is aware that allu arjun would not collaborate with Venu sriram after the national pushpa uproar. The last time he performed peru SURYA NAA ILLU INDIA' target='_blank' title='naa peru surya-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>naa peru surya incorrectly, he burned his fingertips. He vowed never to make the same error again and that going forward, he would only want to work with renowned directors. If 'Icon' with allu arjun is ever produced, dil raju will undoubtedly enlist the services of a renowned filmmaker.

However, there is a perception in the industry that if a movie's title is revealed but never makes it to the set, it will be cursed. It will be fascinating to see how, when, and who dil raju will work with to create Icon, one of his favourite projects.

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