Decision taken by pakistan that india cannot take..?

With the accumulation of huge investment in cryptocurrency in india, the government of india has given a disciplinary plan to prevent this. But neighboring country pakistan has decided to ban cryptocurrency due to its accumulation of huge black money and its inability to create regulatory restrictions. pakistan has planned to ban and stop all cryptocurrency use, according to a report submitted to the Sindh high court on Wednesday.
Pakistan's news channel has said that the state bank of pakistan and also the government of pakistan have decided to ban and stop all cryptocurrencies. pakistan is said to be dominated by black money crocodiles due to the lack of laws and regulations to regulate the use of cryptocurrencies for trade.

A few weeks ago, Pakistan's Federal Investigation Agency sent a notice to Finance, a cryptocurrency exchange, alleging fraud worth about $ 100 million. The people of pakistan have invested about the US $ 50 million in cryptocurrency in the last 6 months. This large $ 50 million investment has been invested by approximately 1064 people in 2923 transactions through private banking and foreign trading platforms. This move was done by pakistan which is not done by India.

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