IPOs Ahead: 11 new shares will be listed on stock market!!!
The stock market is expected to be extremely busy the week beginning on june 24. This week is seeing a surge in initial public offerings (IPOs) and new shares that need to be listed. Based on the information at hand, nine fresh initial public offerings (IPOs) and eleven new share listings are anticipated in the next five days.
Reaction to the IPO last week
Only two of the IPOs scheduled for this week are expected to have their issues listed on the mainboard, per market statistics. In the next five days, there will be seven new initial public offerings (IPOs) in the SME sector. D Development Engineers and Acme Fintrade announced their initial public offerings (IPOs) earlier this week, and each company garnered 99 and 55 times as many subscriptions from investors, respectively.
There is Rs 1,500 crore in this IPO.
Alloyed Blenders is one of the more well-known initial public offerings (IPOs) that will be issued in the next five days. june 25 is when the IPO opens for subscriptions, and they can close on june 27. A new offering of shares valued at Rs 1,000 crore and an offer to sell shares valued at Rs 500 crore are both part of this IPO. Thus, the total value of this IPO will be Rs 1,500 crore. It costs between Rs 267 and Rs 281.
Additional IPOs this week
The following IPOs are scheduled to be launched this week: the Rs. 171 crore offering for Vraj iron & Steel; the Rs. 537 crore offering for Stanley Lifestyles; the Rs. 64.32 crore offering for Shivalik Power Control; the Rs. 28.05 crore offering for Sylvan Playboard; the Rs. 30.46 crore offering for Mason Infratrack; the Rs. 16.05 crore offering for Visaman Global Sales; the Rs. 23.11 crore offering for Akiko Global Services; the Rs. 22.76 crore offering for Divine Power Energy; the Rs. 113.16 crore offering for Petro Carbon & Chemicals; and the Rs. 22.08 crore offering for Diensten Tech.
These shares are going to be listed.
This week will also see the listing of eleven additional shares on the stock exchange. Among them are Vini Immigration & education Services, Dindigul Farm Products, Stanley Lifestyle, United Cotfab, GP Eco Solutions India, Falcon Technoprojects India, Durlax Top Surface, and Medikamen Organics.

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