In Tollywood, many records have been created. However, it should also be noted that some records are owned by a few Actors. Nandamuri balakrishna is close to such a rare record. With his acting, he still puts many different roles in front of the audience. All of this is a height but the balayya is on the verge of a rare event in his life.

Similarly, balayya was introduced to the telugu film industry in 1974 through his own production company Thathamma Kala. balayya has been acting since that movie till today. He was nowhere tired, Thus it must be said that among the heroes who act without a gap, balayya is rare in Tollywood.setting a new record.

 In another three years i.e. by 2024 balayya is going to celebrate the 50years  festival as an actor in Tollywood. There are many stars in the telugu film industry. But not all of them can break this record. Some heroes have been acting for four and a half decades but have been given a break for many years in the middle. It is also a feast for the Nandamuri fans. All in all, in another three years, balayya  acting will continue beyond the half-century year. On the other hand, balayya is ready to act for many more years. Nowhere is his energy depleted. With that, balayya would like to celebrate the festival of six decades.

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