Recently, bollywood has only seen the wedding season, but one of the most famous couples is on the verge of divorce. sohail khan and his wife seema Khan have filed for divorce, despite the fact that it is not in the official declaration. sohail khan and seema Khan filed for divorce on friday after nearly 24 years of marriage. The couple was spotted exiting a mumbai family court.

Though the couple has yet to make their divorce public, they have been separated for some months. Few people are aware that Sohail and seema Sachdev eloped and married against Seema's family's opposition. Sohail and seema first met while filming Pyar kiya toh Darna Kya. Nirvaan and Yohan are the couple's two sons, and they have made this severe decision.

Arbaaz Khan and malaika arora, Salman's other sibling, separated in May 2017. The bollywood couples aamir khan and kiran Rao, and arjun rampal and Mehr Jesia recently divorced. naga chaitanya and Samantha, two prominent telugu actors, recently split up. Several years ago, there were speculations that Sohail was dating actress Huma Qureshi. It was also reported that Huma had a falling out with Sohail's wife Seema. On social media, Huma has debunked all the rumours, claiming that Sohail is like her brother.

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