MCU's new web series 'Miss Marvel' has proved to be weak in generating engagement with the audience. Even after the release of two episodes, its viewership is not increasing. So, what is the reason for the audience to dislike it...

From every superhero film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe ie MCU to television or web series, there is a great craze among the audience around the world. But, the recent web series 'Miss Marvel' of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has failed to attract the audience. Whereas, the 'Miss Marvel' web series got very good reviews before its release. Based on a report published in Forbes, only 7.75 lakh viewers have seen the 'Miss Marvel' web series in the first 5 days. Whereas, Hawkeye, which is considered to be the weakest link in the Marvel Universe, also got 1.5 million views. So far two episodes of 'Miss Marvel' released on Disney Plus Hotstar have arrived. But, in these two episodes itself, 'Miss Marvel' has filled the MCU fans with despair. Questions Are Abounding As To Why MCU Fans 'Miss Marvel' Don't like web series? Let's take a look at the reasons for this...

Unable to generate interest in the character of the new superhero

'Miss Marvel' ie Kamala Khan is the new hero of the MCU. There is no doubt that the MCU has projected women as powerful superheroes over the years. MCU fans are also excited about the female character of Mighty Thor in the Marvel Universe's next superhero series 'Thor: love and Thunder'. Earlier, the best characters like Wanda Maximoff and Captain Marvel have also been well-liked. But, 'Miss Marvel' has failed to touch that craze among MCU fans. Because, the character of 'Miss Marvel' i.e. Kamala Khan has been completely crafted keeping in mind a new character.

The weak story of making a fan a superhero

The story of 'Miss Marvel' i.e. Kamala Khan is just the story of the arrival of cosmic powers in a teenage fan of 'Captain Marvel'. There is no direct association of any superhero character with it. Simply put, the story of a superhero fan giving super powers through a string full of cosmic powers has not been able to connect people with itself. However, there is a possibility that in the coming episodes when the character of Kamala Khan will rock with her powers. So, the audience can connect with it. But, the character of 'Miss Marvel' i.e. Kamala Khan has been completely crafted keeping in mind the teenagers. So, it is going to be difficult for all the viewers of MCU fans to connect with this.

Kamala Khan made 'Miss Marvel' 'sluggish'

The new face of Pakistani-Canadian actor Iman Vellani, who plays Kamala Khan in 'Miss Marvel', can be said to be good for the web series. Iman Vellani has given life to the character of Kamala Khan with his acting. But, how many people had seen the face of Iman Vellani in such a big film before today. Which was released worldwide. Simply put, Iman Vellani's face as a new actor failed to make a mark among the audience. Whereas, Emma Watson came into the public eye from the very first film in the Harry Potter franchise.

Difference between 'Miss Marvel' and 'Sea Hulk'

Another web series of Marvel Cinematic Universe 'She Hulk: Attorney at Law' is going to be released in august this year. There has been a craze among MCU fans regarding this web series. Because, in its trailer, the character of Hulk is shown as a guest appearance. But, talking about the 'Miss Marvel' web series, in its trailer to show the struggle related to the life of a teenage girl, the story has been mixed so much that it cannot be said to be watchable for everyone.

Was Kamala Khan a victim of Muslim character and apartheid?

Being from a Muslim family of 'Miss Marvel' ie Kamala Khan has also been damaging for 'Miss Marvel' somewhere. Because, Islamic knowledge has also been given in it on matters like hijab, beard. Which does not give a reason to engage a large audience with itself. If a Muslim family of Pakistani origin living in New Jersey, America, has not been able to change its old thinking even after living there for a long time. So, this has been the biggest mistake of writing the story of 'Miss Marvel'. Or it can be said that MCU should have promoted it as a web series specially made for Middle east and Asian audience. Because, religion was not given so much exposure in MCU's web series or films so far.

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