"Thank You" delivered such a powerful shock that Akkineni naga chaitanya is now very concerned about his next movies. While he has finished filming the web series "Dootha" under the same director Vikram K Kumar, he is rumoured to be keeping an eye on the screenplays for his next movies, the first of which is venkat Prabhu's multilingual movie.

Already, Chay has abandoned Parasuram's rumoured film in order to work with venkat prabhu to create this crowd-pleaser. And now it's being said that director Vimal krishna of "DJ Tillu" fame told the Akkineni hero about a wacky comic adventure after the actor left the set of "DJ Tillu 2." Insiders claimed that Chay might take on this project first rather than Parasuram's movie because he was impressed by the script.

Evidently, a successful director is always given favour, but a director who made a mediocre film won't receive the same consideration. The whole credit for the movie Sarkaru Vari Pata's success will go to Mahesh's celebrity rather than Parasuram's creative efforts, despite the film's producers' claims that it is a blockbuster of epic proportions. Additionally, this movie showed the weaknesses of the director and his weak narrative filled with bad ideas. Whatever happens, let's see what happens to his upcoming collaboration with Chay!

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