Nayanthara and vignesh shivan, a newlywed couple, are now enjoying some time for themselves. The wedding video of Nayan and Vignesh was recently released on Netflix. With the wedding video, Nayan captivated her admirers despite the fact that she had not been seen in previous years conducting interviews or speaking to the media. vignesh shivan shared a few images with Nayan today while travelling to spain by plane.

In one photo, Vignesh and Nayan are cuddling up for a selfie, and in another, Nayan is blushing as her husband kisses her hand. En travelling to Barcelona with my wife, Vignesh captioned his photo. and following a string of nonstop labour work work! We are taking some time for ourselves right now! '#Spain #barcelona #barcelonacity here we come! #Barcelona.' That is the trendy couple travelling to Barcelona for their honeymoon.

Actress Nayantara, dubbed the "Lady Superstar" of the South, wed director vignesh shivan very lately. The marriage of the two is the subject of a documentary on the OTT service Netflix called "Nayantara: Beyond the Fairytale." You can now watch the teaser video for this documentary, in which you may catch a glimpse of Nayantara's wedding. Stars selling their wedding and pregnant photoshoots at excessive costs has already become popular abroad. india is now noticing this tendency as well. media reports state that nayantara charged Netflix a hefty sum for the wedding clip.

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