Fans are giddy at the unveiling of the eagerly anticipated Aadipurush poster featuring Superstar Prabhas. However, because prabhas is portraying Lord Rama in the movie, people are now examining how he looks, and fans of other actors are contrasting the Aadipurush poster with ram Charan's rrr poster because they have many similarities.

Many moviegoers were intrigued by the way ram charan appeared as Alluru seetharamaraju in the movie rrr before finally changing into Lord Rama's attire towards the film's conclusion. Many people believed that prabhas would seem completely blue like the famous ntr did when he played the character of Lord Rama before he began portraying the genuine Lord Rama on cinema.

They claim that prabhas would have looked better with a slimmer appearance rather than this strong Herculean one since he looks plain like ram charan in RRR. While some ardent rrr supporters claim that Charan would have been a better choice for the part, a certain segment of fans is undoubtedly displeased in Prabhas' current appearance. All things considered, we can't truly judge how good a look will be until the teaser trailer and the film are released in theatres. Since there are many examples of the same, sometimes something that doesn't seem all that captivating on the poster might turn into a fantastic appearance on the big screen.

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