Of course, things are not going well in the Ghattamaneni family right now, as they have experienced the deaths of three family members in a row. After the death of Mahesh Babu's brother Ramesh Babu, he also lost his mother and father Superstar Krishna. However, the presence of this youngster during Krishna's third-day ceremony drew everyone's attention.

Ramesh Babu's son Jayakrishna and daughter Bharathi drew everyone's attention while attending their grandfather's third day ceremony. And a couple of producers and directors in attendance were all eyes on Jayakrishna, wondering if Mahesh plans to present his brother's son as a hero anytime soon. Though Jayakrishna is still studying, it appears that Mahesh would provide a complete platform for his brother's son to be debuted on the silver screen.

After Mahesh Babu, some people, such as Jayadev and Mahesh's sister's son Ashok, were introduced as heroes, and a couple of other Ghattamaneni cousins also made an appearance, but nothing has worked out for them so far. According to appearances, Jayakrishna has the panache and presence required for someone to become a hero, and we'll have to wait and see what happens in the future.

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